For a detailed description of all the Artisania Workshops available this year see p86 - p90 of the Programme Book.


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Online Visual Arts Workshop bookings have now closed.

There are still lots of places available in all Artisania workshops. Bookings must now be made at the Visual Arts Registration Tent at the entrance to Penny Arcade from 8.00am Thursday 27th December. Places are limited so get there early to avoid disappointment.

Some of our visual arts workshops can’t be booked online – they’re the kind of thing you just need to feel like doing in the moment.
Drop in and chill out with workshops and dress up opportunities including:

After Dark Body Art (with Kelli MacAlpine and Nina & Brady)

Join professional body artists and share in the tips of body art technique. Engage in intensive workshops by day and after dark, let the artists create their works of art on you.
COST: FROM $5 - No Bookings, just drop in.
SAT – TUES 5:00PM – 8:00PM

Alter-Hour (with Tiffany Beckwith-Skinner)

Want to transform an existing garment into something new? Need to fix a beloved item of clothing? Want to hang out with creative stitchers? Drop into alter-hour at the Bollywood Boudoir.
COST: FROM $5 - Tickets and Kits can be purchased from Artisania Registration Tent on the day.
FRI – SUN 4:00PM – 5:00PM
WED 4:00PM – 5:00PM

Bollywood Parade Dressing

Meet up at Artisania before the Bollywood Parade (Dec 30, 5pm) to don your outfit or help get draped in your sari. Bring your own costume or your own sari and our team will help prepare you for the fun of the parade.
COST: FREE - No Bookings, just drop in.
MON 4:00PM – 5:00PM

Drop in Mask Making

Drop in and create a fabulous mask to wear to the Masked Creatures Ball in the Parlour. Use mythical creatures as your inspiration and go wild with recycled materials, paint and embellishments.
COST: FROM $5 - Tickets and Kits can be purchased from Artisania Registration Tent from 27 DEC.
MON – TUES 5:00PM – 8:00PM

Illuminated Hands (with Potters of Woodfordia)

Skilled in the dance of making, the hands of the artisan appear in performance; captivating, enthralling. Craftsman's hands illuminated by a moving slide show, to the improvised tune of live music. As the potter's wheel turns, hands create. A form emerges, and develops. Romance ensues.
COST: FREE - No Bookings, just drop in.
SAT - TUES 7:30PM – 8:30PM

Imagine the Land (with Imagine the Land Project)

Find yourself toe-to-toe with a collaborative ground based installation that will be constructed at the beginning of the festival and maintained throughout. Working with earth pigments gathered from the local region, the artists will produce a beautiful installation based on ancient techniques of the mandala and the medicine wheel. This years installation is part of an International Art Movement called " Rebirth Day" being a vital, living, breathing symbol of positive personal, environmental and social change.
COST: FREE - No Bookings, just drop in.
FRI - WED 7:30AM – 9:00AM
FRI - WED 5:00PM – 8:00PM

Live Vintage Art Sneak Peak (with Lindy Charm School for Girls)

Get a sneak peek at the preparations for the Live Vintage Art parade in the Parlour. Marvel as Chrissy from The Lindy Charm School for Girls prepares the Live Vintage Mannequins for 1930's, 1940's, 1950's and 1960's styling.
COST: FREE - No Bookings, just drop in.
MON 9:00AM – 10:30AM

NYE Dress Up Parlour

Use recycled materials, your imagination and a keen sense of creativity to create your own unique NYE outfit. You could make a simple cardboard hat, add some whacky embellishments to your outfit or go wild with our glitter and makeup. Drop in to dress up.
COST: FROM $5 - Tickets and Kits can be purchased from Artisania Registration Tent from 29 DEC.
TUES 3:00PM – 8:30PM

Paving Project (with Merrie Tomkins)

Be part of this inclusive, fun, easy and rewarding public art project. With helpful instruction and carving/sculptural tools, festivilians can try their hand at decorating pavers that will later be fired and used to pave select areas of the Woodfordia site. The designs can be highly intricate or very basic and will remain underfoot as unique reminders of Woodfordian creativity. No experience necessary - just lots of creative imagination.
COST: $4 - Pavers can be purchased from Artisania Registration Tent.
FRI - WED 10:00AM – 4:00PM

Pottery Sculpture (with Potters of Woodfordia)

Join Stephen Roberts as he completes a large sculpture using pots made by workshop participants during the festival. The sculpting is a performance in and of itself. The piece will be complete in time for New Years Eve.
COST: FREE - No Bookings, just drop in.
TUES 4:30PM – 5:30PM
TUES 6:00PM – 7:00PM

The Lettering House

Reclaim the art of handwriting letters. Use our writing booths to compose and handwrite your letter. You may wish to purchase a stamp and post your letter in our old style postbox or you could use our pigeon-hole service and have us instruct your Woodford recipient via sms to visit The Lettering House for collection. Maybe you could write an anonymous letter to be delivered at random to a fellow Woodfordian or perhaps you want to write a letter that no one will ever receive. Anything is possible in The Lettering House.
COST: FREE - No Bookings, just drop in.
FRI - WED 9:00AM – 8:30PM