Craft & Merchandise Stalls

Festival organisers take pride in the quality and variety of craft and merchandise available at the Woodford Folk Festival and have an ongoing commitment to offer festival patrons:

  • A wonderful and unique experience in a friendly village-like atmosphere.
  • Products representative of both local and international communities.

Applications are strongly encouraged from artisans and crafts people, especially offering unique handmade Australian products.

We expect to receive many more applications for craft and merchandise stalls than can be accommodated. Some stalls are not accepted mainly for reasons of duplication. Non-acceptance is not always a reflection on your quality. Selection decisions are final and no further correspondence will be entered into.

Stall Operator Conditions

Download the Craft & Merchandise Stall Operator Conditions PDF

Please read the following information thoroughly, as your stall may be subject to closure if the Stall Operator Conditions are not adhered to.

Application Closing Date

  • Closing date for applications is 5pm Tuesday 2nd September.
  • Successful applicants will be notified via email by 19th September.

Support Material

  • All support material must received no later than Wednesday 10th September and must include the following:
    • Scale diagram of the stall showing camping and vehicle parking requirements using the Stalls Layout Graph.
    • A photo or artist's impression of your proposed stall, colour is preferable.
    • Photographs or samples of your stock. If you want samples returned please include a stamped self-addressed envelope or postage bag.
    • Copy of current Public Liability Insurance Certificate for festival period.


  • Payment details must be received no later than Wednesday 10th September via the following methods:
    • Cheque/Money order: Make payable to Woodford Folk Festivaland send to the following address:

      Stalls Coordinator
      Woodford Folk Festival
      PMB 2
      Woodford QLD 4514

    • Credit Card: Please call the office on 07 5496 1066 (Mon-Thurs) with credit card details.
    • Direct Deposit: Email to request bank account details.
    • Your application will not be considered if payment details have not been received by the due date.
    • If you pay your fee by direct debit and your application is unsuccessful you payment will be refunded in full within seven days of notification and once we have received your bank details.

Stall Presentation

  • It is of the upmost importance that every effort is made to create a colourful and festive aura throughout the Festival site. You are required to decorate your stall in a manner that reflects your goods and attracts patrons.


  • If the stallholder wishes to cancel this contract more than 60 days prior to the Festival the organisers will retain 50% of the total site fee. (from the 25th October). Any cancellations after this date will not be refunded.

Plastic Bags

  • We are aiming for a plastic bag free festival. Please - NO PLASTIC BAGS.

Non-Sectarian Policy

  • QFF has a non-sectarian policy regarding stalls.

Trading Times

  • Stallholders will be expected to operate throughout the entire Festival from 10 am to 10 pm. You are permitted to operate 24 hours per day.


  • A minimum of $20,000,000 Public Liability Insurance is compulsory for all stallholders. A copy of your Public Liability Policy must be forwarded to the Festival office with your stall payment.

Workers’ Compensation

  • If you are employing people to work on your stall, you must have work cover for your staff. Workcover Queensland ph: 07 3235 9500. A copy of this policy must be forwarded to the Festival office.

Stall Site Boundaries

  • Stallholders may not extend their displayed goods beyond the boundaries of their nominated site.
  • It is not acceptable for stallholders to encroach onto the walkways with their racks or displayed goods.
  • When deciding what stall site size you require, include your entire stall including all ropes and awnings. If you arrive at the festival and your stall is bigger than you have indicated, additional space will not be available.

Stall Classification

  • Craft Stalls are those stalls selling only Australian handmade products that are not mass-produced.
  • If your stall is a combination of craft and merchandise it is considered to be a Merchandise Stall.
  • Information Stalls are charged at the same rate as Merchandise Stalls.

Community Stalls

  • Please read our Community Stall Policy.


  • Complimentary tickets:

    • Stalls 20sqm and under receive 1 adult season camping ticket
    • Stalls 25sqm - 50sqm receive 2 adult season camping tickets
    • Stalls over 50sqm receive 3 adult season camping tickets

    (Please note this is the total number of complimentary tickets you will receive. If we say you receive one ticket with your stall it doesn’t mean one staff ticket and a ticket for the stallholder.)

  • Staff tickets:

    • Once your stall is accepted, discounted stallholder staff ticket purchase information will be emailed to you.
    • You will be able to purchase your staff tickets online until 5pm Monday 15th December. You may also phone the office on 07 5496 1066 to purchase tickets prior to this date.
    • Tickets purchased after 15th December will be at full price.

    Lost wristbands will not be replaced. If your wristband is lost, you are required to purchase a replacement wristband at the full gate price. No exceptions.


  • During the set up period:

    • Stallholders are only permitted to have one vehicle onsite, you will be given a pass for this vehicle and this pass must be displayed in the front windscreen. Any other staff vehicles will need to be parked in the designated parking area.
    • A temporary pass may be issued for a second vehicle to enter the site for a short time to make deliveries. Stallholder vehicles will need a pass to enter the festival precinct during construction.

  • It is preferable that you do not park behind your stall. In some areas, you may park one vehicle behind if it does not move for the duration of the festival. Indicate your request for a vehicle pass on the application form. There are limited spaces available for vehicles requests are not always met.
  • All vehicles must be in by 12noon on 25 December. No vehicles are to move out of the site until 11am on the 2nd January. There is a stallholder’s car park for your convenience.

Tent / Marquee and set up

  • Woodford Folk Festival is a 7-day event and often experiences very changeable weather conditions including storms and high winds.
  • Supplying your own tent: All tents/marquees must be commercial/heavy duty standard. If you are providing your own tent you must supply a photo with your application and details of make and construction.
  • Hiring a tent: Stallholders are encouraged to hire tents through our preferred suppliers. A list of these suppliers will be provided. If you choose to use another supplier please supply details so we can ensure they receive a site safety induction before entering the festival precinct.
  • Flooring: It is important to ensure that you have decent flooring and a wet weather contingency plan for your stock.

Electrical Requirements

  • The QFF Electrician carries out temporary electrical installation and distribution on site.
  • All electrical equipment including your camping appliances must be listed on your application form.
  • Any stall holder intending to bring electrical equipment or leads into the festival is required to ensure that all items have been inspected and tagged by a licensed electrical contractor. This is essential for the safety of all stallholders, staff and patrons and a requirement of the Electrical Safety Regulation 2002 Part 5 Division 5.
    This act imposes severe penalties in the event of non-compliance with its provisions. Any stallholders who do not comply will not be allowed to use untagged equipment; Stallholders should check all electrical equipment and leads before coming to the festival to avoid the occurrence of any difficulties.
    Electrical leads that are not tagged may be confiscated.
  • No double adaptors are to be used (power boards are acceptable).
  • Any faults or power failures caused due to consumer underestimation shall be charged to the consumer.
  • Payment of electrical installation services is required before connection.
  • Electricians will make random electricity consumption and equipment tag checks.

Rules Regarding Hire Companies

  • Hire deliveries before the festival must occur strictly between the hours of 8am and 5pm from 13 December through to 23 December only.
  • Hire trucks must vacate the site as soon as delivery or erection of any structure is complete.
  • The stallholder must be on-site when hire equipment is delivered.
  • A QFF representative has the right to inspect all vehicles upon entry and exit.
  • Festival bump out for stallholders hire equipment will be on the 3 January from 7am to 5pm. All stallholders hire equipment must be collected on this day.
  • The QFF does not take responsibility for any stallholders hire equipment on-site at any time.


  • The size of the camping area behind your stall cannot be wider than your actual stall site with a depth of 3 metres. If are camping behind your stall, please be considerate if entertaining after hours. You also have the option of camping in the Volunteer Camping area. As you arrive early you also have the option of first choice in Volunteer Camping area. No vehicle pass needed.

Offensive or Ineligible Goods

  • The organisers of the Festival retain the right to enter upon the site of any exhibitor at any time and remove any article, sign, picture or printed matter which in our opinion is either not eligible for display or considered offensive. (eg. plastic toys, glow products, fart bombs or illegal products.)

Pre-recorded Amplified Music

  • Use of amplifiers or loud speakers, including CD or MP3 players by stallholders is prohibited except with prior written consent from the stalls manager.
  • Stallholders are not permitted to employ, contract or programme any performer or performance without prior permission from the QFF programme manager.


  • Stallholders are not entitled to assign, share or sublet all or part of their site without written consent from the stalls manager.

Trade Logos

  • The organisers aspire to improve the overall quality of the Festival every year. Visual appearance is important. Camping tents are not considered suitable for use as a stall. We will not permit the use of marquees with “trade logos” (eg. Ford, LJ Hooker, Coca Cola, etc). You are encouraged to be imaginative and artistic in your stall presentation.

Pets & Livestock

  • No pets or livestock will be permitted on the festival site.


  • The festival precinct is a non-smoking area except for the designated smoking zones. The smoke free area includes all stalls.
  • Stallholders are asked to smoke either in the designated smoking area or behind their stall.
  • Please dispose of your butts carefully.


  • The festival precinct is a Licensed Area. Stallholders may not consume BYO Alcohol in their stalls as they are in the licensed area.

Site Safety

  • During the set up and pack down there are a number of construction areas within festival grounds. There are many types of vehicles moving around the site, cranes, forklifts, trucks etc. The festival site is NOT a safe playground for children. Although weaving in and out of obstacles on a bicycle or skateboard is an exciting challenge, it is simply unsafe! If you come early, please don’t bring your children and let them roam the site playing. You, your family and staff are asked to confine your activities to your stall site. UNSUPERVISED CHILDREN ARE NOT PERMIITED ON SITE.