Community / NGO Stalls

Festival organisers have supported numerous non-profit community organisations throughout the history of the Woodford Folk Festival and will continue to support like-minded organisations into the future.

Stall space is very limited and selection will be based on the following:

Due to the large number of applications each year, non-acceptance of a stall is mainly for reasons of duplication and limitations of available stall space.

Community NGO Stall Policy

Download the Community NGO Stall Policy PDF

The Queensland Folk Federation (QFF) has supported numerous non profit community organisations throughout it's history of hosting the Woodford (formerly Maleny) Folk Festival.

Each year the QFF is inundated with requests from a wide variety of worthy community organisations wishing to represent themselves at the Woodford Folk Festival. Unfortunately the QFF is unable to accommodate all of these requests.

The QFF is itself a not for profit community organisation that has limited income resources. The QFF has a responsibility to its members, supporters, funding bodies and other stakeholders to achieve optimum income opportunities to ensure the longevity of the festival. However the QFF wishes to continue to support like-minded organisations and understands that Woodford Folk Festival is an ideal place for many community organisations to have information stalls.

With this in mind, the QFF have drafted the following policy that may enable community organisations to have a stall at the Festival. Through this policy, the QFF will be able to continue to support a variety of worthy community organisations in an approach that is both equitable and formally structured.

Applications under this policy are strictly limited and as we are offering community organisations a discounted stall price. Please note: Merchandise may not be sold without prior permission from the stalls manager. In some instances a small amount of merchandise relating to the community organisation is acceptable. (eg. t-shirts, hats)

Please ensure that you are able to adhere to the following:

  • Organisations can provide free information, pamphlets, literature etc.
  • Organisations may seek members for mailing lists.
  • Organisations can not canvas for donations.
  • Organisations may only operate within the confines of their stall.

Community organisations can register their interest by completing the attached application form. We can only select a limited number of Community Information Stalls each year. Non-selection is mostly due to the large number of applications and limitations of available stall space.

The QFF will provide selected community organisations with:

  • One complementary full season camping registration.
  • One 3m x 3m stall site for $570.00 (30% discount off a regular stall fee) plus $60.00 for waste removal (all stalls contribute).
  • Electricity usage charges will also apply.
  • Additional staff tickets can be purchased online until 5pm Monday 15th December. You may also phone the office on 07 5496 1066 to purchase tickets prior to this date.
  • Tickets purchased after 15th December will be at full price.

Community Organisations will need to provide:

  • Infrastructure for the duration of the Festival (tent, flooring, tables, chairs) and should negotiate all electrical, through regular stalls systems.
  • Public Liability and Workcover documentation.