General Information

If you are an international act please also read our Information for International Artists page.


How do Artists / Presenters apply?

Artists and Presenters need to submit an expression of interest on the Artists and Presenters page by the due date.


The booking procedure

The booking procedure for the Woodford Folk Festival is broken down into several stages.

    • Expression of Interest - The expression of interest form must be submitted online by the due date.
    • Further Information Requested - We may request more information regarding your expression of interest.
    • Agreement - Once the booking is confirmed an online agreement process must be completed by the due date.
    • Logistics - Stage and technical requirements, car passes, tent hire and/or accommodation bookings and other logistical information is submitted online by the due date.

If your expression of interest is successful you will be notified via email regarding your requirements for each successive stage.



Space is very limited on the festival site during the setup and festival periods. All vehicles entering the Festival Precinct and Performer Camping areas are required to display a valid car pass at all times.

  • Unless otherwise arranged, all cars must park in the General Carpark at the front of the property.
  • All Artists / Performers will be given a temporary car pass to drop off their gear at instrument lock up and their camp site.
  • Additional car passes must be arranged during the logistics stage of the booking process.
  • Car passes must be clearly displayed at the front of the vehicle at all times (usually on the dashboard).
  • If the car pass is obstructed in any way (eg. upside down or partially covered) the vehicle may be towed without notice.
  • All cars parked without the correct car pass for that area will be towed immediately.



You are welcome to bring your own camping gear and camp free of charge.

On site facilities:

  • Electricity is not available at campsites.
  • Potable water is available, though it helps lessen the strain on our water supply if you bring your own drinking water.
  • You are welcome to bring your own cooking facilities (no fires allowed) and food is available in the festival precinct.
  • Hot showers and toilets are provided in the Performer Camping area.
  • Ice is available on site.
  • A laundry service is available for a fee.

Camping in Performer Camping area:

If you intend to bring your spouse/partner and children into the Performer Camping area you must purchase their tickets using our Online Artist Partner Ticketing service. (See 4. Tickets)

  • It is not possible to bring additional family or friends into the Performer Camping area.
  • If you wish to camp with other family or friends you must camp in the General Camping area with them.
  • Parking is not available within the Performer Camping area.
  • All cars must be parked in the General Carpark at the front of the property.
  • If you wish to sleep in your car you will need to arrange a special car pass during the logistics stage of the booking process.

Camping on site in other areas:

  • If your family/friends are season ticket holders, you may camp with them in the General Camping area.
  • If your family/friends hold overnight tickets you may camp with them in the Overnight Camping area.
  • If your family/friends are volunteering at the festival, you may camp with them in one of the the Volunteer Camping areas.
  • It is not possible to set up camp in these areas until 26th December
  • You will still be able to access the Performer Camping area, Greenroom and Instrument Lock-Up.
  • Cars can be parked near your tent.

Tent Hire

Tent Hire is an excellent option if you are traveling interstate and can’t bring much gear with you.

    • Comfortable tents with enough head room to stand in and including 2 single beds, an electric light and carpet are available for the festival duration.
    • An extra bed can be organised for an additional cost.
    • Bedding is also available at an additional cost.
    • Tent hire bookings must be made during the logistics stage of the booking process.
    • Vehicles can not be parked in or near the Hired Tent area.

Motel accommodation

There is limited Motel accommodation close to the Woodford Folk Festival site and availablity cannot be guaranteed.

  • The average cost is around $150 per night per room.
  • Transport to and from a selected number of motels in Caboolture can be arranged if required.



The Festival issues tickets to Artists and Presenters only. With over 3000 Artists and Presenters, it is not possible to issue tickets to spouses, partners, children, band managers or entourage. The festival provides venue stage managers, MCs, PAs, lighting equipment, sound engineers and operators.

Partner/Child Tickets:

  • Discounted tickets for partners and children only will be available to purchase after the logistics stage of the booking process.
  • Only tickets purchased this way allow access to the Performer Camping area.
  • These tickets are for immediate family only.
  • Partner/Child ticket purchases are monitored to ensure that they are appropriate for the size of your group.


Sale of Merchandise

  • All merchandise is sold through the Festival Shop.
  • Merchandise may be promoted, but not sold from the stage.
  • A 20% commission is charged on all merchandise.

About the Festival Shop:

The Shop is located centrally and trading hours are 9 am to 12 midnight. The Festival Shop is equiped with EFTPOS facilities.

Payment for Artist:

Cheques for merchandise will be posted by January 30th.

Artist Signings:

We also have popular Artist signing sessions at the Festival Shop to provide an opportunity for you to further promote your merchandise.

Bringing Merchandise through Customs:

We have experienced problems with customs not clearing merchandise in time for you to collect it during the festival. You will need to email what you intend to bring through customs well before you arrive. More details are available on our Information for International Artists page.


Sale of Artwork

  • The QFF will retain a standardised commission on the total sales of all artwork. The QFF is also required to charge GST on that commission.

Trading Times

Art Galleries operate throughout the entire Festival from 9 am to 9 pm.

Payment for Sale of Artwork

Cheques for the sale of artwork will be posted once a full reconciliation of the gallery sales has taken place, ususally by January 30th.


Performing at the Woodford Folk Festival

Stage Information:

  • Each venue has a Coordinator or Stage Manager and MC’s assigned to them.
  • All stages are equipped with technical staff – you do not need to bring your own sound crew or FOH.
  • The festival provides a simple backline of a bass amp, guitar amp and drumkit. Any other requirements will be subject to further discussion.

Instrument Transport – Getting your gear around the festival site:

  • This service operates between the Greenroom and most venues around the festival site (and between venues).
  • Hours of operation are between 8am and 2am and should be booked well in advance of your sheduled performance.
  • This service is only for acts with lots of extra heavy gear to carry.
  • No private vehicle will be allowed to enter any area of the festival precinct.

Instrument Lockup:

  • Operates from 26th December – 2nd January, 6am – 2am, with the exception of January 2nd, where it closes at 12noon.
  • This service is a free of charge “all care, no responsibility” service operated by the Woodford Lions.

Rehearsal Space:

  • A rehearsal space will be provided near the Greenroom from 8am – 10pm.
  • You are able to reserve a half hour or one hour slot.
  • There are many areas on site where you will be able to rehearse – but it is best to come fully prepared.


Artist Transfers

Between Brisbane airport and the Festival site:

Between 26th December and 2nd January, we have a team of volunteers drive artists to and from the airport. This service can be arranged during the logistics stage of the booking process and more information will be provided.

When Booking Flights:

If you have a performance on the same day as you arrive, allow plenty of time. We usually have more than one act traveling in the same bus or car together, and you might have to wait for others to arrive and collect their luggage.

There can also be unexpected delays (traffic, etc) Please allow several hours to get to the site, check in, put gear in the lock-up, get to the stage, etc.

Getting a volunteer out of bed at 4.00am to drive you to the airport for a 6.30am departure is a problem for us – we cannot guarantee it will happen. Please make your departure times reasonable, or arrange to stay in Brisbane overnight so that you can catch a taxi or train to the airport for the really early flights.



If you have supplied us with complete information and invoices as requested, your cheque will be available from the 29th December to the 1st January. You can cash the cheque at this time. If you have not sent the correct paperwork you can not collect a cheque at the festival.

If you are only at the festival for the first two days and would like to make alternative arrangements for payment you must get in touch with well before the festival.



The festival has a department to co-ordinate interview and photo requests from the media.

  • Your onsite contact number will be provided to this department who may call you with requests.
  • Interviews are not conducted in the Performer Camping area – no media person has access to this area for this purpose.
  • The media department may also leave messages on the Media Noticeboard in the Greenroom.
  • Anyone with your group who is intending to video or photograph your group must apply for media accreditation prior to the festival.


Mobile Phone Communication

Only Telstra & Optus mobile phones will receive a strong signal on site. Please be aware that if you have another carrier you may not have reception.