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Expressions of interest for the next festival are now open.

Welcome to our EIO process. We’ve shortened it this year and tweaked the process a bit.

We really feel it appropriate to mention that last year there were 1700 EIOs competing for about 150 positions. The odds of being booked aren’t great. We talked through whether it would be better for us to become an invite-only event in order not to raise the expectations of interested folks and have to say no to so many but thought it better to keep the process as open as possible. We do book from the EOI process every year – but each year there are more EOIs and no more positions.

Can we suggest that if you get offered other engagements before our notification date we do suggest you should take the booking rather than depend on us – we hate to disappoint.

Thanks for thinking of us and taking the time to complete your EOI.

Click here to submit an expression of interest

Applications close at 11:59pm Friday 8th May.

All applicants will be notified of the result of their Expression of Interest by Friday 10th July via email.


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