Director's Welcome

For many, the festival is an annual escape from the daily grind and a boost to their morale. It fills the goodwill tank for the year ahead like bolstering our immune system against gloom and doom.

Some seek solace from a world of ‘the news’, which is like taking doses of ‘hope reduction’ pills, wounding us and frightening us from our future. The world can feel dangerous. We create masks to protect ourselves from unkindnesses.

Our festival promotes the notion that it is intangible knowledge, our lore, which sustains us. We think that accessing this, the deepest part of our being, happens more easily if we’re in a state of levity.

At the festival, we plunge headfirst into a sea of art, music and humour. We absorb inspiration from our artists and celebrate our very existence. We discover a different perspective when we’re under the spell of artists and in the company of our fellow goodwill conspirators. We can remove our protective masks and boldly commence a discovery of freedom in a cultural adventure where goodwill and generosity of spirit abound.

If you attend Woodford it’s not hard to see the wonderful contributions of our festival patrons in their annual pilgrimage. You’ll notice their joy, lust for life and their generous appreciation of the offerings. If you’re new to the festival, find one of those pilgrims. With luck, you, like them, might be able to take home a full tank of nourishment for the year ahead. They are wonderful people, great patrons who can show you around a festival that all of us behind the scenes so cherish.

On behalf of our Committee, Staff, Organising Group, Volunteers, Artists and Presenters, Merchants, welcome to our 29th festival, the 21st at Woodfordia.



Bil Hauritz
Festival Director