Woodfordia at Festival Time

During the festival time Woodfordia is transformed into a village that hosts over 20,000 patrons, performers, stallholders, volunteers and organisers. During the event the festival is actually the 67th largest town in Australia. Each year construction begins in early December and continues up until Christmas Day. Over 450 contractors and volunteers build the village. Many come from around the world to be part of the festival build and then stay for a week after to pull the event down.

The festival build includes:

  • Installation of over 20,000 square metres of canvas for 35 venues, 14 bars and over 180 food, craft and merchandise stalls
  • Erection of over 3,800 signs
  • Installation of over 13k’s of fencing.
  • Placement of over 40 temporary offices and hired amenity blocks
  • Filtration of 10 million litres of water
  • Cleaning of over 500 toilets and 341 showers
  • Distribution of 15k’s electrical and communication cabling
  • Construction of 21 stages
  • Placement of 16,000 chairs
  • Installation of 600 lanterns

The team are powered by over 22,000 meals and unlimited good will.